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About WIS

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Our dedication is to you, the student and your family. Working collaboratively with staff and faculty, my personal goal is to create a genuine sense of community that fosters your educational achievement.
Dr Omar Nassar
Founder & CEO

About Westcliff International School

Welcome to Westcliff International School, a distinguished institution at the forefront of global education. Nestled in the vibrant community of Giza Governorate, we proudly uphold our motto, "An Education for a Lifetime."


Whether you join the American or British section at Westcliff, we go beyond traditional education, coupling the international curriculum of the respective section with Canadian teaching methodologies. Our unique approach to a trilingual school empowers students to master Arabic, English, and French as first languages simultaneously.


Led by Dr. Omar Nassar, our Founder & CEO, Westcliff International School stands out for its commitment to academic excellence, fostering a community where students thrive. Our dedicated faculty, immersed in real-world expertise, ensures a dynamic and innovative learning environment.


Explore the endless possibilities at Westcliff International School, where education transcends boundaries, unlocking the full potential of each student. Join us on this global journey of discovery, where trilingual brilliance awaits.


Enroll today and embrace the Westcliff Way — a pathway to academic achievement, cultural richness, and a brighter future with "An Education for a Lifetime."

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