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About WIS

Mission, Vision, & Core Values


At Westcliff International School, we shall provide high-quality education with no compromise regarding the perfection of the level of educational services. We will continue to carry out our educational mission with passion if we can, with firmness if we must, always aiming to provide high-quality education. World-class education will go hand-in-hand with preserving the identity and values of our Egyptian society to create a generation with solid morals and knowledge.


Westcliff International School is committed to providing an inclusive school environment for every student. Our focus is on stimulating critical thinking, inquiry-based, and self-regulated learning. We maintain a holistic approach, ensuring learner-centred pedagogy through a cumulative and formative continuous assessment process.

Core Values
  • Equality and Fairness

  • Inclusion

  • Consultation and Proper communication

  • Accommodation and Tolerance

  • Diversity

  • Freedom, Peace and Non-violent corrective actions

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