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About WIS

Office of the CEO

Welcome to Westcliff International School. Selecting the right educational institution is a crucial decision, influenced by factors such as reputation, faculty, location, cost, and culture. At Westcliff International School, we recognise the significance of these considerations and are dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience.


Our commitment to excellence in every Key Stage in both the American and British sections sets us apart. We attract professors actively engaged in their fields, fostering an environment where students learn from professionals with real-world expertise.


Westcliff International School's learning environment encourages innovation and excellence. Whether in our British or American sections, and regardless of the educational system, we promote a personalised learning experience that challenges and inspires.


Our dedication is to you, the student and your family. Working collaboratively with staff and faculty, my personal goal is to create a genuine sense of community that fosters your educational achievement.


Your choice of where to pursue your studies profoundly impacts your professional and personal future. I considered many of the same factors that you are now contemplating when deciding to lead Westcliff International School as its Founder and CEO. I am thrilled with my decision, and I believe you will be too.


Warm Regards,


Dr Omar Nassar

Founder & CEO

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